Ireland is known for its Leprechauns, always gold-loving creatures. In Quickspin’s slots game, you will meet the leprechaun of legend and find pots filled with valuable prizes hidden under Irish hills! If that isn’t enough to get your heart racing, then wait until he reveals what kind of prize might be inside – it could make someone very happy…or several people at once, depending on gameplay settings.

Quickspin’s Leprechaun Hills is an immersive five-reel, a thirty-line slot machine that takes you on a trip through Ireland. Bordered by lush green vegetation and mountains in the distance, this game has everything: free spins with wilds; mystery symbols which can be stacked for even greater payout combinations! The soundtrack sets all of these elements into motion while also providing atmosphere like no other, thanks to its outstanding graphics package – it would look perfectly at home amidst scenes from County Mayo or Dublin rather than being confined solely within one setting (although admittedly, Crokinole might give us some idea).

Winning with Leprechaun Hills

If you land a win that features medium-value symbols like coins, jewels or even purple Surprise pickup lines, your chances of triggering the Lucky Respin Feature increase. This means winning an additional free respin with stacked identical winners! The Rainbow Free Spins come in 7 different types, which offer 50% more money when mystery turns into the best symbol during half duration – it’s not too bad considering how many spins there are on the average per game!

Quickspin’s Leprechaun Hills is a video that has been getting rave reviews from all over the internet. The Qu Presents-crafted slot offers plenty of laughs and charm with its Dublin-inspired theme, but there are also some big payoffs when you get lucky!

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Explore Beautiful Ireland on the Reels

The Leprechaun slot machine from Quickspin is guaranteed to give you a thrill. You could spin it as low at 0.24 coins up until 80 dollars, which will always put your chances in front of more significant wins if you placed bets with high stakes like 40 paylines and 2000 coin maximum jackpot! Adjust the size accordingly before each new turn so that everything goes smoothly.

This game has five reels, holding four symbols each. The first set comprises 10, Q J K A, which form a low-value batch, while the main picture includes various cheerful figures like gold coins or pots filled with riches! There’s also Leprechaun Hills wild (a looped-out animation), Guinness logo hillside where rainbows can be found at every turn – and some colouring pages for good measure, too.

The control panel on the lower half of your screen should help you access different elements in this game, including bet settings and autoplay. You’ll also see a credit display as well as paytable information here!

Winning with Leprechaun Hills

Landing five of a kind on the reels will net you up to 800 coins. For those looking for something more unique, four-leaf clovers and golden horseshoe can offer 480 or 400, respectively, when landing these special symbols alone! In addition, there is always Guinness beer which gives off 200 currency per notch-but beware because this bonus doesn’t last forever, so take advantage while it’s available before time runs out!

The maximum possible winnings in this slot are 2000 coins, but you will have to risk at least 80 cents per spin if your goal is that high. There’s still plenty of opportunity for profitable plays on a smaller budget, though!

Winning Features

The slot’s bonus features start with the Lucky Respin feature, triggered whenever there are medium value symbols (leprechaun, 4-leaf clover, lucky horseshoe) in your winning combination. The reels will be immediately transformed, and you can get free spins after every win!

The Rainbow Free Spins feature is triggered when you land 3 scatter pots of gold coins on reels 2, 3 and 4. It rewards 7 free spins with a mystery symbol – the rainbow! This turns into an even more fantastic prize during those 50 seconds as it remains present for halftime, giving players their best chances at winning combinations that will get them closer to victory than ever before. The input text has been preserved but should be more engaging.

Small But Steady Wins With Leprechaun Hills

Leprechaun Hills is a medium to high-variance slot that will give players several chances of winning. To maximize your potential, excellent bankroll management skills are required. The best way forward would be to play in accessible mode before turning real money spent on this game; where there’s no risk involved, you can always try out different strategies ahead if desired! The wide bet range ensures affordability regardless of whether one has more cash upfront or not as well as its animations, which make every exciting spin plus, it offers something new each time around the Respin Feature.